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Published on Jun 23,2017 11:47 AM

6/23/2017 Maggie

Patti was here when I arrived giving Sy a shower.
She helped me with Maxine giving her a sponge bath after she was done with Sy.
She had a medium BM.
Bathroom routine done with help from Patti and I. She then put lotion on Maxine's face, feet, legs and hands.
Did exercises after spongebath.
Sy went out to table until breakfast was ready.

Breakfast: eggs bagel and sausage
                  Juice with pills and coffee

Sy back patch on and Boost given.
Maxine was sleepy during  breakfast. I redirected her to eating. She did good eating as long as I put it on the spoon and she raised it to her mouth. She only ate half of the eggs and no bagel. Maybe bread would be easier to eat then the bagel. Just a thought. She did drink all of her OJ.
Her breathing is labored like Jules said yesterday. As long as her head is raised it isn't as bad.  She seems restless at times while she is sleeping.
Sy was talking to me about his breakfast on Wednesday with Patti and John. He has such a good time when he goes with them.
He also said that Aud would be coming on Monday and Thursdays to visit. 
Patti left at 10:30. She started laundry, cleaned the counters, swept the kitchen and took out the trash.
Checked her and she is dry. Re-positioned her before leaving. She still leans more to the left so I put a pillow on that side to help straightening her up.

Today was a good day :) 
See you  Sunday 

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Published on Jun 22,2017 09:10 PM

6/22/17 Jules

Aud was here this afternoon. Maxine slept most of the afternoon. Her breathing continues to be labored so she does not talk a lot.
Sy says he doesn't understand anything she says anymore but that she still speaks to me. We all know thats a combination of his hearing along with Maxines limited ability to communicate. Occassionally she will make complete sense. She told me she wanted me to go to bed and get some sleep once Sy got into bed lol. He told her I was going home and she didn't like that idea at first but she was fine with it. Sy promised her he was not leaving her side and she said that they take care of each other :).
When he was getting into bed, he was struggling and groaning, he wanted me to put the powder all over him to help with the itching. Maxine was so worried about him. Once he got comfortable, he was much better.
Sy had lamb for dinner, there is so much left. He will tell you how to heat it up as he doesn't like it over cooked. 
He had apple pie and ice cream for dessert
Maxine was not interested in eating at all. I offered her food a couple of times but she didn't want anything. She did drink all of her water today though. 
Tonight when I went to change her, she did have a small BM and voided as I rolled her on her side. 
O2 is on for Sy.
Good night and have a great weekend everyone.

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Published on Jun 22,2017 03:05 PM

6/22/17 Jules

Arrived about 15 mins ago. Sy said he had a good nap and that he spoke to Aud, she is on her way.
Checked Maxine and she is completely dry. I wiped her face and mouth with a cool wash cloth and repositioned her some. I took her legs off the pillow that I had propped under them for the 3 hrs that i was gone.
Sy is in good spirits. 
Maxine seems comfortable but is still quite sleepy (she was up all morning though).
Her breathing is continuining to be a little more labored but she is not distressed from it

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Published on Jun 22,2017 12:01 PM

6/22/17 Jules

When I arrived Sy was still sleeping and Maxine was talking a little and her gown was pretty much off. Sy said he had to get up through the night and cover her up because of it. 
I gave her a good sponge bath but when I washed her bottom, she had no BM or void at all. Her skin looks good, I applied cream and powder. 
Maxine did not want cream on her face but she did allow me to comb her hair and put it up. She also did not want to brush her teeth but I am going to keep offering throughout the day.
She ate almost all of her breakfast, drank her OJ and took her gummie.
Sy took his time taking his own sponge barh and getting ready.
For breakfast he had french toast and sausage.
Maxine has been awake for the whole morning and actually told me that the guy on her soap was a hustler lol
She did want to get up and sit up. We worked at getting her sitting up as much as possible but I don't think she was really too sure exactly what she wanted. She said she is comfortable though.
I have just finished checking on Maxine, she id dry and relaxed. She said she wanted me though and as I was cleaning her mouth again, she said she wanted to hold my hand. She held it do tight for quite some time. I did get very emotional and was glad Sy had his back to me and was talking about the tree outside. He wanted to get back into bed with Maxine and hold her hand. He said he is very tired from yesterday I;m sure and he said he was up a lot throughout the night. She then let go off my hand and she is holding Sy's. They are both going to take a nap. 
I told Maxine that Aud would be coming some time today and she smiled. 
They both are falling asleep. I will be back for the afternoon shift.
It's been a good morning


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Published on Jun 21,2017 09:14 PM


Sy admitted he ate to much. But he really loves noodles. He teased
and asked me why I let him.

Sy had gone to the bathroom a few time before and after dinner. 

He finished cleaning out his nightstand then was ready for bed.

Maxine bedtime routine done. Maxine changed. No movement and her bum
looks great!. 

Overall a great day! Sy seemed pretty content and very productive today. He is worn

Oxygen on. 



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Published on Jun 21,2017 06:34 PM


Maxine called out for Sy only once. I told her he was grocery shopping. 

Patty and Sy home and groceries put away. I asked about his breakfast. 
He said it was good and a lot of food. We all chatted then Patty left.

Sy adores Jon and Patty. Having a man that Sy can relate to and talk to
is so important. He values and appreciates it so much. 

    Dinner: steak, spinach, mushrooms and pasta salad.
                  beef and noodles and tomatoes

Maxine dived right in and started eating her food like a champ. She must of been hungry
and she did great eating it all on her own. I think I stabbed two pieces of steak and that was it.
She really loves that spinach. Thanks Jules she definitely got to enjoy her dinner today. 

I dont know where Sy's appetite came  from, I served him a very generous portion of his dinner.
He asked for more and the rest of the bread, Aud had got for him. 

   Dessert; usual

Maxine ate it with no problem. 

Maxine has been trying to read the TV guide. Definitely a better day then yesterday.
Convinced yesterday was the result of her having a sleepless night. 

Sy finished cleaning out the night stand.  Package came to the door. Sy briefs
and more briefs for Maxine the first kind Aud had ordered that had tabs. . Maybe it was to late
to cancel order. 

Both watching TV. Maxine has been alert and awake for at least 4 hours today. It was a welcoming
surprise to walk in and find her awake several times.


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Published on Jun 21,2017 12:33 PM


Maggie was here and Sy took a shower.
Maggie was finishing up with Sy.

Maxine still resting. 

I went over with Maggie about the hospice meeting. Talked with her about the team.
And that a third person maybe coming to help with showers. Maggie asked questions
as she noticed the medication was less. 

We started getting Maxine ready for her shower. Maxine is in a great mood this morning.
She first said she didn't want shower but then quickly thanked Maggie and me. 
Getting her up was easier and she was very willing.

Patty came to get Sy. He was ready and looking through ads.

Maggie did shower and I changed the sheets, and prepared beds.
Maxines shower done. She did a bm this time after shower. But Maggie handled it great.
Quickly wiped her. She was in lift a bit longer then we would like. But not much we could do if
she is going. 

She definitely starts to sink the longer she is in. Maxine didn't really complain and was great about it
all still thanking us for what  we do. She said she felt much better.
I combed her hair did half bathroom routine. Maggie finished it while I started breakfast.

Maggie started laundry and washed out there cups. Thanks so much Maggie. She did not leave till
11:00 am. Mostly because we were going over what was talked about and the new team. 

   Breakfast: Eggs and half a bagel.

Maxine took about 30 minutes to eat her breakfast. Since Sy was not here. No one had a time
limit on her. She took her time. I would ask if she was done and she would continue to eat.
She ate little more then half of her eggs and half of her bagel.

I think she did really well. Did notice that her food is lingering in her mouth. So I encouraged some
water to take it down. She did not decline and did drink water whenever I suggested. 

She stated she wanted to get up on a chair. I told her that she stays in bed, but that I could sit her up higher if
needed. She said okay. We played around with her head level and she did not seem content. Nothing was a good
fit. But she was fine with it.

LAundry still being done. So far everything has gone great. I love a more talkative Maxine she has been awake
since 9:30 am. Till about a half hour ago which is pretty good for Maxine. 


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Published on Jun 20,2017 09:01 PM

6/20/17 Jules

Maxine was asleep this afternoon when I arrived. I checked her and she was completely dry, 
Sy came out to the dining table and talked to my daughter Jordyn and myself. He was happy I brought her with me. I think he just enjoys having that companionship. Maxine has been asleep for the majority of the day. She stayed awake during dinner but she had no interest in eating, I cut up her food and Sy told me to just give her a small amount. He had me make her filet steak, mushrooms spinach and sweet potato puffs. She tasted one mushroom and said she didn't want any food. She did have some of her water though and I was happy about that as her mouth was a little dry. 
I'm sure the hospice people can provide mouth swabs for us that we can use to help with this also. She wasn't interested in desert either and Sy was actually okay with it. He didn't force her and just told me to put it in the fridge. I offered to make her bananas as he thought she would eat that but she still said no. She has only drank a few sips of water and seems content with that. She hasn't said a lot today as she does get a little out of breath if she says too much. I told her I would do whatever she wanted me to to make her comfortable. She told me that she wanted me to have a happy life :) :) I hugged her and kissed her head and she just smiles. I truly believe she is as peaceful and comfortable as she can possibly be. Sheis well aware that Sy is always by her side. I was happy though that he took some time to come out of the room a couple of times to chat while she rested. 
He had steak, corn, fries and mushroom gravy for dinner. He mopped up the gravy with some bread.
He had pie and icecream for dessert.
He wanted to get into bed a little after 8 so that he could lay with Maxine and be "nose to nose and on the same plane" as her.
He did have me rub gold bond powder all over his back and arms, then he did his chest and tummy area. He said it was already helping with the itching.
I changed Maxine while Sy was getting ready for bed. No BM so she must have got it all out for Sonia this morning plus she hasn't eaten much.
She was a little wet though which was good. I lathered the calmoseptine on her bottom and put powder and applied the brief a little more loose so her skin can breathe as much as possible.
Sy went through her bottom night stand drawer today and pulled out all the cards she has saved over the years and put them in a box. He had me show Maxine a photo of her and Jeffrey. Maxine smiled and I placed it on her bed side table.
Maxine is comfortable, I have lowered her legs a little as they were up quite high all day. I placed a pillow under her right side.
There was only the lighetst bit of pink drainage on the blue chux that I changed out but it was not stuck to her leg at all.
I hope that tomorrow goes smoothly for everyone. It will be good for Sy to get out with Patty.
Good night guys

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Published on Jun 20,2017 11:34 AM


Got here Maxine still sleeping. Sy awake but in bed.

Exercises with Maxine done. She didnt mind or complain. 
Sponge bath done. Maxine had small movement. I turned
her on side to wash her bum real good. She did a XL movement.
I did give her magnesium pill last night. Glad I got the the bulk
of it cant imagine she could have much more. Cream applied.
Pads changed. 

I put lotion on  Maxine's legs today. Then did bathroom routine. She did great. 
She asked as clear as could be if I had got here early. I told her nope.

I combed her hair. Put it up in a bun. She was glowing that I had to take a picture.
She even smiled for it. Sy came in shortly after and he too said she looked great.
He couldnt get over how good she looked. It was sweet. Now that this is routine
all the pampering will continue as before. The attention to detail. It really is important
as you can see her smile more often. And its helps her come back to us. Thanks Patty
I did disconnect myself a bit as it all seemed so sudden. To take it all in was difficult.
But thanks to Patty and Jules and Aud yesterday. I feel so much better. 

 I really never had a problem with Sy feeding Maxine. But of coarse since
it was talked about it yesterday, he is obsessing over it now. 

Today I saw him trying to see if she would eat more. I didnt say anything I watched.
I didnt want him upset or mad. After I came in I asked Maxine if she was done. She still
had  1/4 of her cereal left. Maxine told him no more. She had taken a few bites before she said no.
I waited then talked to him after. I told him that if he really wanted to help Maxine encourage
her to do it herself. The longer she could do it the better off she would be. I told him eating is no
different then walking. I said we do it for her and she will decline faster. Give her a chance, let her
know that if she wants food,all she has to do is raise the spoon to her 
mouth. He said okay and that he would have her to do it herself.

Maxine was talking very well today. Defnitlely spoke her mind today. She clearly said she was done
with cereal and did not want coffee. 

Got to give Sy his boost. Adjust Maxine and put away laundry.

Have a great day!


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Published on Jun 19,2017 09:35 PM


Got here  for the hospice meeting. They seem super nice and respectful of
all Maxine's needs. I dont think things like this ever become routine. It's always
hard and difficult. It was great to meet the people who will come into the house.
So we are familiar. They both give off really positive vibes. 

Thanks again for inviting us Aud. It really helps when we all feel like we are part
of the process. We all need to be there for Sy as well as Maxine. This isn't easy
for anyone much less Sy and he especially needs are patience. 

Aud stayed till almost 5:00pm.

    Dinner: beef and noodles  and tomatoes

    Dessert: usual

Maxine did try and eat, had to give her direction a few
times. Sy was far to worried about it. I told him that he needed to not stress over
her eating that he needs to give her time to eat. That he cant expect her to eat fast. 
I told him to eat his food and let me worry about it. He agreed and I pointed out to him
that she was eating. I was positive about it. Not mean or harsh.  Maxine was so cute because she turned to him and said
she could do it by herself. I let him  hear her twice that she did not want any more food.
He didn't say anything when I took plate away. But she did say she wanted dessert. So maybe that's why he was satisfied
at the moment. But hey whatever works.

It definitely will take time but he has got a lot better just as Jules had said. 

Maxine changed no movement.  Sy in bed early. 

Oxygen on. Goodnight!


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Published on Jun 19,2017 11:47 AM

6/19/2017 Maggie

Patti was here when I arrived finishing Sy's shower.
I did exercises with Maxine and then Sponge bath.
Patti did top half and I did bottom half for sponge bath. She had no BM overnight.
We are a great Team. Thank you Patti for all your help.
Bathroom routine done. I had to prompt her on what to do.
Sy was at table reading paper while we gave Maxine her spongebath.

Breakfast: eggs, sausage, and bagel
                 Juice with pills and coffee.

Maxine didn't eat much( about 4 spoon fulls of egg, 1 piece of bagel and no coffee). She did drink all OJ.
I put the food on her spoon and then she grabbed it and she put it to her mouth.
Sy was better this morning about him not feeding her. 
Patti put on Sy's back patch. I gave him boost before I left
Patti started laundry, swept the master bathroom, cleaned the toilets and counters and vacuumed master bedroom.
Checked Maxine and she is dry.
She has been napping since after breakfast.
Sy is looking forward to what Hospice has to say. 
Sy had a movement after breakfast.
Have a great day everyone!

Today was a good day.Thank you Patti :)

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Published on Jun 18,2017 09:04 PM

6/18/2017 Maggie

Got here and Maxine was napping so I sat and talked with Sy.
Checked her about 30 minutes after she woke and she was dry. She was watching tv until dinner.
Sy was telling me how smoked salmon is made...lol. I enjoy listening to his stories. He misses Maxine holding a conversation with him.

Dinner: smoked salmon on bagel, green beans/corn, mac and cheese, and stuffed mushroom
             1 pig in a blanket and a few bites of greenbeans/corn. 

Maxine didn't eat her onion rings or stuffed mushroom.
Sy is so worried she is starved that he feeds her even when she tells him she doesn't want it. So, I stood there and said I would feed her and all I did was put food on the spoon and told her to pick it up. She did that twice and then was done.
I did the same with the Ice Cream and she did fine. 
I tried to explain to Sy that she might not be hungry and he got all angry and then sat back in his chair.
This change in Maxine really bothers him. He calmed down once he sat back down.
I asked Maxine if she was comfortable and she says yes but I need someone  to tell me they love me....
I assured her that we all love her and she gave me a smile from ear to ear.
Maxine drank all her water after dinner.
Sy was watching American Pickers all evening/night. He said it was on till Midnight
Swept and mopped all tile.
Sy had a movement before his night routine started.
Bedtime routine went ok
Changed her and she had a Sm BM.
Sy got ready for bed when I was helping Maxine.
Both in bed and Oxygen on.
Took trashcan to curb.
Going to finish up a few things then leaving.

Good night :) 


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Published on Jun 18,2017 11:50 AM


Got here and Sy was singing. THink he got plenty of sleep.

Maxine smiled and said good morning back to me.

Maxine changed no movement.  Cream applied. 
Maxine morning routine done.

Sy up and changed. Joined Maxine.

  Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bagel with jam
                   3 fried eggs, sausage and bagel.

Maxine did not drink coffee today she feel asleep. But she finished all her breakfast.

Sy boost given. 

Overall a good morning. Sy's son had sent  Father's Day Card. I gave it to him this morning.

Leaving in a few.

Happy Father's Day!

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Published on Jun 17,2017 09:04 PM


No dessert.

Sy was exhausted so he went into bed after dinner and fell asleep. He slept for a solid
hour and thirty minutes. I went  in several times and he did not wake up.
At 8 pm he went to bathroom. He did not know what day it was. He asked me if it was morning or night.
I guess the nap was good. He saw me bring in water for hei nightstand and he said he believes me that its 
night time ha ha. 

Maxine did great with night routine. I could understand her a better. She did mouthwash and she had no problem.
Changed her brief and put cream on her bum. No movement.

Oxygen on .

Goodnight leaving a little early. 


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Published on Jun 17,2017 04:56 PM


So I ended up just going to get lunch then came back and took a nap in back room.
When I got up he had given her her cheese. 

Forgot to mention that Maxine did a extra large movement today. She 
always urinates when we put her in lift and she did some when we had her in 
toilet too. 

A few weeks ago Maxine kept telling me that The Lawrence Welk Show was gonna change it time.
I mentioned it to Sy and he said no it wasn't so. I didn't really know where she got the idea, but she was
very matter of fact that it would now be on at 4:00pm, on Saturdays. Sy has been mad at PBS because his show hadn't been on.
Well today Sy looked, and yes the Lawrence Welk show is now on at 4:00pm. Just as Maxine had stated weeks ago. 
Me and Sy had a bug eyed moment ha ha.. But they are watching it now. About to serve dinner. 

   Dinner: meatloaf, mac and cheese and tomato


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Published on Jun 17,2017 11:41 AM


Got her and Patty had done Sy's shower. He looks exhausted he did not sleep
all night. He seemed upset. Not completely sure why. Last night he didn't seem
upset about anything. He was pretty vague at least to me. Not sure what exactly
he told Patty. But he set us back about a half hour as what it seems to me over thinking
this whole hospice thing. I was more worried about the fact that it seemed like he couldn't
stand or sit straight. After we got him up to go to living room he seemed better. 

Maxines shower went good. Maxine had two blood bruises that we knew would eventually pop.
One of them did on back of left leg. Patty put something on it.
Patty did great helping me. It was her first time so it took a little longer. Maxine did great, Patty's
personality really comes through to Maxine and she was all smiles most of the time.

Shower done and bathroom routine.Maxine did great with spitting today. 
Patty changed all the sheets and made the bed while I was showering Maxine.
Patty is so helpful and goes the extra mile.Its great because I'm so focused on getting it
done and Maxine's comfort that Patty's attention to detail is perfect. She lotion her feet and put on socks.

Breakfast: cereal and bananas
                 waffles and sausage

Maxine had a rough start with orange juice she kept spilling it but she was fine after. She ate her cereal
with no problem She did drink half her coffee.

Maxine was pretty good with shower today the best yet. 

Over all things went great Patty went on her cleaning spree with the toilets. Left a little after 11:00am

Thanks Patty.

Gonna give Syhis boost then leave will be back at 3:00 pm